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Humber Film ft. Julian F. Woodford, Phil Codd and Darren Edwards @ The Alexandra Dock Pump House Gallery (Dockside Drama Stage)

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Humber Film ft. Julian F. Woodford, Phil Codd and Darren Edwards

Humber Film

The Bagpipe Maker's Baby, Julian F. Woodford A Fairy-tale-like short film with a magical realistic twist. Directed by Chris Hopkin and written by Julian F. Woodford, The Bagpipe Maker’s Baby’s strong narrative drama centres on a mix of emotions and ideas around love, community, isolation and family. Starring Richard Avery, Annie Kirkman and Gordon Meredith, it is based on a short story of the same name, and was written with the English north-east coast in mind, in particular Holderness. In the sometime awful world we live, the film is deliberately hopeful.


Dead Bod Films was set up in 2015 to produce original narrative films in or about the Humber region. Their first film, The Bagpipe Maker’s Baby, was produced in 2016 and is now out on a limited release including selected screenings, festivals and DVD.

A Local Desperado, Phil Codd (26 mins)

1855 was a difficult year for Charles. His wife, Rebecca has lost her job and their son; their home could be next. Desperate for a solution, Charles decides to break his promise to Rebecca. Putting a gang together, the planned robbery of a nearby stately home goes badly wrong when the police arrive. Determined not to go to jail he fights his way free and with the promise of a new life in America persuades his wife, and her brother, to join him as a fugitive. As they run things begin to unravel and the police start to close in. Charles tries to hold it together but Rebecca's health takes a turn for the worse, and America is a very long way away.

Loser, Darren Edwards (8mins)

YouTube link: https://youtu.be/wnumTQvZwio

Tickets - https://www.hullboxoffice.com/events/inport-stories-humber-film-ft-julian-f-woodford-phil-codd-and-darren-edwards