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River People @ The Alexandra Dock Pump House Gallery (Dockside Drama stage)

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River People

River People

This fable on the future of Hull is based on the story of Prophemi, the leader of the River People. Times have been tough and he gathers his people together to tell them some home truths and lay down a challenge to them all – how best to shape the future. The story unfolds with his analysis of failed harvests and problems with trade. Prophemi invites along some trusted advisers and then, a woman called Wyke arrives to help out. The History Troupe players are joined by Emily Thomson and others with songs written by Rob, Emily and Derek O’Connor.

This piece was first seen on the River Hull to open the Freedom Festival in 2015. This is the acoustic version with a fresh twist – Prophemi goes off into the future. This version explores fresh ground.

Tickets -  https://www.hullboxoffice.com/events/inport-stories-river-people