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Hull Port City ft. Robert Bell @ The Alexandra Dock Pump House Gallery (Dockside Drama Stage)


Hull Port City ft. Robert Bell

Hull Port City

Ryszard Kpuscinski, the celebrated Polish journalist, once wrote of the Other. He spoke of the remains of marketplaces, the remains of harbours, trade routes such as the silk road and of ports - places where cargoes arrive, people exchange thoughts, ideas and goods, do deals, make friends and have good times together.

Hull was set up as a port City – a staithe to dispatch a ransom of wool to release Richard the Lionheart from prison in Bavaria. Since then, this port City has grown and shaped the character not of a people stuck at the end of a line but of people in the middle of flows: of trade, of people and their stories. Rob Bell is from Hull and has been away for many years. This talk takes a look at Hull from afar and explores the role the port has played in the story down to now and into the future.

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