What are people saying?

Hull Connected @ Hull Paragon Station

A fascinating exhibition - especially section on migration
— C. W.

Excellent exhibition - Just came in to wait for a train, ended up spending 30 mins looking around! Would love to know more
— Brian, York

My grandfather used to work on the trains - brought back lovely memories
— Tina, East Hull

This exhibition should feature in other places. What a wonderful heritage
— Gareth, Johannesburg

Great surprise to find you here, but a very worthwhile one. Warm welcome, very interesting information boards. Particularly liked the archive photos. Really enjoyed it, will send some friends and relations over!
— Hebden Bridge

Makes you think about opening up the old lines again. Brilliant cycle trails
— Angus

Good to see a Hull story wider than fish!
— Lord Prescott

Hull Port City @ North Point Shopping Centre

What a little gem tucked away, should be part of Hull Museums
— J. Wright

Thank you! Taken memories here to share with dad
— Anne and Steve Welham

Excellent resource here and great exhibition at Paragon too
— Andy

Lived in the area 50 years. Learn something new every day, most interesting. I hope to learn more, Thank you
— D. Oliver

We are members of Dockers Club, this is a lovely reminder of a Golden Era, really wonderful!
— George and Maureen Wilkinson

An absolutely fantastic exhibition! It is great to see these photographs depicting the every day scenes of the Hull Docks. Thank you for the memories!
— Paul Arro, East Hull, 06/07/18

Hull Port City @ Hull History Centre

Excellent exhibition - Really informative in terms of history of Hull + Docks, Keep going
— Visitor

Brilliant exhibition, a credit to the Dock industry
— Mal Bell

Thank you! The exhibition was really interesting especially the stuff on migrants. Coming from a migrant family this really resonated with me
— Dominik, Poland/Hull

The Pump House Gallery

A fantastic venue and great application to bringing it all together. Hull culture on the docks that brought life to two muddy rivers and bread ‘n’ butter to tables of millions.
— Ian Winter, Hull

The Pump House is a brilliantly restores derelict building. If we don’t use them, we’ll lose them!
— Mick McGarry, Hull

Extraordinary space. Good way to introduce children to careers in logistics and on the docks. Never forget heritage!
— Chris, Lancaster

Beautiful space and a fantastic celebration of the often-forgotten stories of Hull!
— Catherine, London

Authentic and informative. The building is incredible and would love to see this as a permanent thing.
— Ben Homewood, Hull

What an exciting project. Great to hear these stories in such an outstanding building and gallery.
— Lucy, Nottingham

Having lived in Hull for over 50 years; having met + been taken through the Pump House Gallery, I have realised how little we knew of the place we live. So informative and a fantastic use of a beautiful structure, long may it continue.
— Mark Seaton, Hull

Fascinating insight into Hull’s history. There was loads I didn’t know. Even more interesting because I came to the UK (Grimsby) from Denmark.
— Nina Tyson, Brough

What a splendid way of learning about the growth and importance of Hull. Imaginatively presented and guided. A great contribution in the city’s celebration.
— Davod Storr, Hebden Bridge

Saw the advert in the Hull Daily Mail and thoroughly enjoyed the exhibition. The volunteers were so helpful in explaining the stories. We really enjoyed it, thanks to all involved!
— Peter & Glinis Reep, Hull

THIS, is legacy!
— Janice, Hull

A deep, compelling story told with thought and imagination in a stimulating environment.
— Adam, Hull

Amazing, brilliant histories, such interesting photo’s and excellent exhibition.
— Anon

’The photos tell a very interesting story of how Hull’s docks once thrived. Staff were very helpful and knowledgeable about both the History and how it is today. Would love Hull to have a new passenger terminal to encourage more people to travel from the North.
— Sarah Cutly, Hull

I didn’t know anything about the development of the docks in Hull and the interesting stories linked to this. A great resource which should become part of a trip to Hull.
— Yvonne Turkistanli

A credit to Hull’s history & heritage. Fantastic venue, just stunning. Hull and proud.
— Lucy Clarke, Radio Humberside, Hull

A wealth of information showing the evolution of Hull - and in particular - it’s ports. I wish we had come earlier as one hour was not enough time to take in the information. A superb setting with guides who really cared about the subject. Exceeded my expectations.
— D. Sharpe, Hull

Wonderfully arranged space, great performances and an unexpected and very pleasant connections to or home country.
— Meg, Poland

What an amazing exhibition. I feel this exhibition should not be archived but be a continual/permanent exhibition for every generation to remember, enjoy and appreciate. Thoroughly enjoyed my visit.
— Sharon Boston, Hull

Great restoration – worthy of an award!
— Martin Christopher, Bedford

A great evening, Mick [McGarry] was excellent, Dave [Gawthorpe] was right along side him. The Pump House Gallery is a fantastic location for this and other performances telling the story of a great city and it’s fantastic people.
— Dave Morgan, Hull

Fantastic performance, both stories and songs - awesome. Setting was perfect. Well done Mick [McGarry] and the History Troupe.
— Sue Sutherland, Hull

I’m from Conneaut, Ohio, a Great Lakes port in the US and was seeking out roots – tracing the people who came through Hull on their way to the Great Lakes. I am sure that I am not the first one to do this.
I heard of and visited the ABP Pump House Galley at the Alexandra Dock at Hull Port in the North of England. WOW!
The Pump House has a remarkable series of photographs depicting the history of the Port displayed in an innovative, highly pleasing manner: Roots, Heritage, Futures. Every weekend evening for 6 weeks from Nov 3 to Dec 10 there is a different performance of “InPort Stories” put on by The History Troupe that tells a story of changing circumstances through the years.
This is a remarkable undertaking for the History Troupe facilitated by Associated British Ports that is currently a Pop-up gallery. I have to wonder why it isn’t a permanent display in what could easily be a Hull Port Museum?
— Hugh Marcy, Conneaut, USA

Congratulations on what you and your team have achieved at the Pump House, I really hope the venue can become a permanent feature on the Hull scene, it really deserves to be.
— Tony Appleby, Hull

The setting at the Pump House was breath-taking, and the authentic tales of Hull’s romantic past opened my eyes to a side of the city rarely celebrated. Making this a permanent feature would surely allow others to experience this unique event.
— Dave Elliot, Hull

Great evening and location topped off with a magical bus trip. Well worth a visit to future events if you’ve got an interest in Hull’s rich merchant maritime history.
— Liz Cuthbertson, Hull

A must see. So much time and work has gone into these very moving productions and gallery. They certainly make you think about what happened in the past.
— Chris Vernon, Hull

Many thanks for an evening which was inspiring and thought provoking.
— Leonie, Hull