In 2017, ABP found thousands of old photographs of life on the docks from the 1930s down to now, in storage. The History Troupe were then tasked to show these photographs to the world.

The History Troupe is a performing arts group devising content based on local hidden histories with a universal appeal; a street that is in so many towns, characters that many lives will recognise and ports that engage with their communities trading cargoes, passengers, ideas and memories.

The UK ports industry is the largest in Europe and its operations provide critical economic infrastructure for the nation’s manufacturers and businesses. With 21 ports handling goods worth around £150 billion per year, ABP is the UKs largest port operator and a major part of the story of each individual port for generations. Southampton is the UKs leading export port handling goods worth £40 billion and the Humber ports (Grimsby, Goole, Hull and Immingham) are the UKs largest ports complex handling trade worth £75 billion – more than the Mersey, Tess and Tyne combined.

This digital gallery is sourced from the Hull port photo archive offering a useful resource for ABP staff and a unique insight for anyone interested in local history and/or photography to explore a visual storyboard of the people, the cargoes, ships, machinery and - most importantly - the stories our colourful port history have scripted over the years. 


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